‘People can be your strongest link’
We believe in a security approach that combines people, process and technology. Protection of your data is only possible if policies are defined, technology is up-to-date and people are acting sensibly. People could be the strongest link in this chain.

‘Compliance to privacy regulations simplified’
Dutch privacy regulations (WBP) as well as those of Europe (GDPR) impose strict requirements on organizations for using personal information of customers and employees. The authorities will look at the risks and how these were reduced by policies and technology. Contact us for assistance and solutions to face these legal requirements.

‘Customer Identity & Access Management (CIAM)’
It’s quite interesting that companies have always turned to third-parties to manage their employees but have built security for their customers by hand. Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) is the new solution for companies to manage identity, access and security for their customers.

‘Always On Monitoring - for the next generation in network performance’
We are revolutionizing the way you monitor your network. We deliver innovative and efficient solutions to monitor, optimize, and safeguard your network. We provide proactive real-time alerts and ‘Always On Monitoring’ to give you better performance, greater visibility, and enhanced security anywhere, anytime.


Market Maker

Ampreso Europe is representing technology vendors as a "Market Maker" for a quick and easy entry into the various European markets.

Many US or Asian based companies recognize the huge potential for increasing their sales in Europe but can be deterred by the perceived high costs of entry because of all the different cultures, languages, currencies and legal & tax legislations.

Ampreso Europe - with offices in five countries - provides a quick, low-risk, low-cost route to achieving sales success or to "test the waters" in some or all European countries. We are dedicated to making our clients successful in the shortest possible time through our existing relationships with end customers, partners, resellers, distributors, PR & marketing and localization services.

In the time you are setting up your own European business you already lose valuable business opportunities. We focus on a limited set of products with a commitment to make them successful. We have existing relationships with customers, partners, distributors, resellers, PR & marketing and localization services to help you move quickly and easily.

There are good reasons to enter the European market: The 18 most important European countries have substantially more citizens than the US and Canada. The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of these countries combined is also larger than the US and Canada. So extending your market to include Europe represents a tremendous opportunity.

However, there are some barriers for entry. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as the "United States of Europe". Although many countries now share the same currency, the Euro, the main European economies still have many differences: 9 currencies, 13 languages, 20 cultures, legal systems, taxes, etc. In addition, the buying power per capita is less than that of the average US citizen.

Properly setting up and staffing a business in the correct European countries requires significant lead time. Ampreso Europe enables you to expand to Europe with minimal investment in time, energy, and money. We minimize the risk inherent in international expansion, and help you generate a profitable revenue stream from Europe quickly.



PC-Security Software
Small security start-up based in The Netherlands. Ampreso Europe created a presence on the international market. The contribution of the international business increased from 10% to 80% of the total revenue in 4 years.

PC-Security Software
Ampreso Europe started the European B2C and B2B business for a US-based security start-up. Cash flow positive within 3 months.

C++/Java Software Development Tools
Ampreso Europe grew the European business (B2B) from $2.5M to $12.5M per year in 3 years. Profitable in the first year.

C++ component Software
Ampreso Europe grew the European business (B2B) from $0 to $7M per year in 2 years. Profitable in the first year.

Visualisation Software
Ampreso Europe grew the European from 0 to $7M per year in 4 years. Became market leader after 2 years. Profitable after first year.


Phish your own users before the bad guys do
KnowBe4, provider of solutions to improve the security awareness of users is expanding her activities to the European continent. The Simulated Phishing Platform of KnowBe4 improves the effect of security awareness training. Read more

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One to Smile starts activities in Benelux
One to Smile will - through her partnership with Ampreso Europe - actively seek cooperation with marketing partners in The Netherlands and Belgium. Read more

Minority of companies use personal approach in e-mail marketing
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